Biserka! Released!

We did it! We finally released the long anticipated followup to our debut album. The new album, Biserka!, was released Thursday night, September 11th to a sold out crowd at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco. Amazing show! If you missed it, look for video clips soon on our YouTube site and MySpace.

Biserka! is different in several ways from our debut album. Out front, we have Josh Sirotiak playing tuba on this one, creating some phat low end and holding things down (you may recall that trombone or bass clarinet held down the bass lines on our debut). Another striking difference is the addition of Jon Russell on clarinet and bass clarinet, replacing Olivier Hamant. In addition, the first album was recorded after only about 4 or 5 months after Eddie Pollard joined up on the drums; Biserka!, however, is the culmination of a couple years of practice, playing shows, and writing material. On the recording end, Biserka! was recorded with Myles Boisen analog onto 1″ tape instead of digital into protools, and we had Myles master this album to boost levels, and smooth out the sound from track to track. Finally, while we did the artwork ourselves on the first album, creating a simple and relevent, as well as eye pleasing design, on Biserka! we worked with the graphic artist and musician Seth (Augustus) Quittner. The colors and images really pop on this one, and capture accurately the Zoyres story.

Currently we’re selling the album at shows and in person. However, if you’re not nearby, you will soon find them on CD Baby, as well as the iTunes store, napster, and other such sites. We will also have a link on the site to buy through paypal directly from us.

Enjoy the sounds…

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