3rd Cd, Aaron Novik, and the Summer Busk

It seems our 3rd cd, which has been recorded, mixed and mastered, will remain in limbo for a bit longer. You may remember that it was a final recording with clarinetist John Russell. There is some debat currently about the form it might take for it’s release, including the possibility of a digital only release, a  thumb drive release, or a full cd release. We’ll try to sort that out soon and keep you updated!

In other news, Aaron Novik has officially joined the band as our principal clarinetist! He’s a great addition to the Zoyres sound, and has been well received by local audiences recently. Come out to an upcoming show to hear the new sound and approach.

In other news, Zoyres will be busking from time to time this summer. Keep your eyes on the mailing list, as we will try to send a short note to let you know where we’ll be (often in Rockridge, downtown Berkeley, or even SF)

See you soon!

Happy V Day / Updates

Just a couple updates for our friends out there!
We lost Jonathan to Washington DC, so we are now on the search for a new player to complement the Zoyres sound. We’ve had a few auditions so far, and are on our way to making a decision soon.

In other news, we just finished mastering our 3rd album, and are excited about it so far! We’re working to get permission from Louis Sclavis on one tune, and beginning to get the artwork done. We’re hoping for a March release, but at the latest it should be this spring!

Thanks to all for listening and supporting our music!

Here’s a clip from the recording session to tide you over until the release!
Les Elephantes Dangereuse on You tube


Back in the Studio!

Zoyres just finished recording our 3rd album. Our clarinetist Jonathan Russell will be heading out to Washington DC, so we hit the studio one more time to chronicle our latest works with him. We recorded about 7 tunes, 5 of which were originals. We still need to finish mixing and mastering, and will likely distribute this one digitally only. Weigh in with album name suggestions if you have any.


Biserka! Released!

We did it! We finally released the long anticipated followup to our debut album. The new album, Biserka!, was released Thursday night, September 11th to a sold out crowd at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco. Amazing show! If you missed it, look for video clips soon on our YouTube site and MySpace.

Biserka! is different in several ways from our debut album. Out front, we have Josh Sirotiak playing tuba on this one, creating some phat low end and holding things down (you may recall that trombone or bass clarinet held down the bass lines on our debut). Another striking difference is the addition of Jon Russell on clarinet and bass clarinet, replacing Olivier Hamant. In addition, the first album was recorded after only about 4 or 5 months after Eddie Pollard joined up on the drums; Biserka!, however, is the culmination of a couple years of practice, playing shows, and writing material. On the recording end, Biserka! was recorded with Myles Boisen analog onto 1″ tape instead of digital into protools, and we had Myles master this album to boost levels, and smooth out the sound from track to track. Finally, while we did the artwork ourselves on the first album, creating a simple and relevent, as well as eye pleasing design, on Biserka! we worked with the graphic artist and musician Seth (Augustus) Quittner. The colors and images really pop on this one, and capture accurately the Zoyres story.

Currently we’re selling the album at shows and in person. However, if you’re not nearby, you will soon find them on CD Baby, as well as the iTunes store, napster, and other such sites. We will also have a link on the site to buy through paypal directly from us.

Enjoy the sounds…

Biserka! Almost Here!

Our latest cd Biserka! is being printed as we write this post. We’re excited about the artwork done by Seth Augustus (http://sethaugustus.com/) and the quality of the recording. We can’t wait for you to hear it. Loyal followers have been hearing some of the tunes at our live shows, but in case you’ve missed them, and even if you haven’t, make sure to mark your calendars for Sept. 11th and show up at the Rickshaw Stop for our cd release party! Jon’s bass clarinet quartet Edmund Welles will open up for us, and Josh’s energetic ensemble Extra Action Marching Band will close out the night.

See you there.

Mike is back!

Mike Perlmutter has returned to the west coast and will be rejoining the ranks. We’re excited to have him back – we’re working on some new tunes and new arrangements, and are hoping to record this summer so keep an ear out!

Comings and goings

We’ll finally have CDs available this week – a little late, we know. Sorry. Please email us (zoyres@gmail.com) or come to a show to pick one up. They sound great!

On a sad note, Mike will be picking up and heading off to pursue graduate studies on the east coast for a year. We’ll be playing our last shows with him this month, so come out and get a taste of his (in)famous sauerkraut while you still can. 

On a happier note, it looks like our old tuba player Josh will be rejoining the ranks soon – great to have him back!

New Clarinetist!

We’ve started playing with Jon Russell, a great clarinetist and bass clarinetist. We’ll be playing our first shows with him in April.

We’re also getting closer to finishing our CD – we should have them in time for our performances in May.