3rd Cd, Aaron Novik, and the Summer Busk

It seems our 3rd cd, which has been recorded, mixed and mastered, will remain in limbo for a bit longer. You may remember that it was a final recording with clarinetist John Russell. There is some debat currently about the form it might take for it’s release, including the possibility of a digital only release, a  thumb drive release, or a full cd release. We’ll try to sort that out soon and keep you updated!

In other news, Aaron Novik has officially joined the band as our principal clarinetist! He’s a great addition to the Zoyres sound, and has been well received by local audiences recently. Come out to an upcoming show to hear the new sound and approach.

In other news, Zoyres will be busking from time to time this summer. Keep your eyes on the mailing list, as we will try to send a short note to let you know where we’ll be (often in Rockridge, downtown Berkeley, or even SF)

See you soon!